Whatcha lookin’ at?

Enid looks pretty different from the outside now. She looks less like an RAC van and more like a campervan excited for the adventures to come…or a passion wagon according to a neighbour.

Maybe it’s the bright orange beaming from our driveway that attracts attention from onlookers or the fact that Ed spends hours working hard outside. Maybe it’s just his crocks.

Seriously though, there isn’t a week that goes by when a neighbour or random person doesn’t stop to speak to Ed about his big project. One stranger even asked to have a look around in the van. So, when I had to reverse Enid onto our driveway for the first time, it’s safe to say I was probably being watched. Eek!

Now back to aesthetics. Enid has windows! Amazingly, using an angle grinder and a jigsaw, Ed managed to cut through metal panels down the sides and at the back of the van before fitting the heavy blacked out glass. It makes the inside of the van so much brighter and now we can see out of the back.

Enid has also been lowered by 40mm albeit this was done by a professional. They fitted new lowering springs as well as replaced the rubber cups and the mounts to improve handling and stop the squeaking. Apparently, both had completely worn through after a lot of RAC use.

But it’s not just the outside that has been given a makeover. Inside, Ed has fitted flooring using 9mm plywood. He has also cut out panels from 5mm plywood which were then carpeted with anthracite 4-way stretch material using extra long hidden clips for a seamless look. But we’re not just settling for any old carpet! Ed has cut out holes on the ceiling panels to fit LED lights. After a minor hiccup using “easy to fit” wire connectors, which created extra work for poor Ed (I won’t go into detail!), all of the lights now work.

The lights (among other things we’ll be fitting) need connecting to an AGM battery which Ed, prior to the carpet installation, fitted under the passenger seat along with a battery charger, split charge and an RCD unit. The latter is traced from a 230v hook up which Ed fitted from underneath the bonnet.

The hook up will be put to the test in just one month as we (including our pooch Luna) travel down south for a weekend camping trip with our fellow dog walking friends. Here’s hoping it works. And here’s hoping it’s going to be warm enough. There’ll obviously be no bed (that’ll come later) so we’ll be slumming it with a blow-up bed. It might not the most comfortable, but it beats a tent.

No doubt we’ll update you on our first mini adventure.

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