Once upon a time, there was a pre-loved but tired ex-RAC van. It patiently sat on the forecourt of a van supermarket dreaming of a better life.

Cue Ed. A practical man with a higher calling to become a van man (but without the tools). On a cold winter’s night, he met the tired van who he now proudly calls Enid – also known as Enid 2.0 – successor of Enid 1.0 who was an orange Mark 1 Mini (RIP).

And so now the adventure begins, rescuing an orange VW T5 and converting it into a campervan. One that will travel not only across the country, but the rest of Europe too.

Thankfully, Ed isn’t doing the renovation alone. While he gets his hands dirty and turns Enid into a beautiful camper, his wife Clare will provide emotional support through tea, cake, beer, cake and a pat on the back. The couple’s goldendoodle Luna will also be joining for the ride. She will be the eye candy.

So join them in their quest for Enid to live happily ever after. It might take a while but, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.