Strip it back and make it good

How time flies when you are having fun. Actually… scrap that. Time flies when you are busy and flying by the seat of your pants. That’s Ed. He has been busy with Enid. Our lovely little camper-to-be is flourishing and, while she might not look different from the outside, she certainly is on the inside.

So read on for an update on what’s been completed since the last post.

Now, as wife of Ed and keen blogger (i.e. I do zero dirty work on the van and merely provide moral support), I barely understand half of what he has done. All the acronyms and technical words that come with a conversion don’t fit in my vocabulary – they are harder to understand than the HMICs, DGAFs, baes, slays and lits that the kids use these days. So I’m going to keep it nice and simple.

First, Ed’s been making good which includes stripping everything back and making sure we have a solid base. After all, there’s no use fitting cupboards to a rusty surface. So all of the surfaces have been cleaned, degreased and treated. Any holes, albeit there were a few, have also been treated before being plugged and painted.

Some noise deadening material was then applied to the noisiest areas including the wheel arches and side panels. The van, as it stands, is a tin box and therefore would provide appalling conditions for my old school garage music – and Ed’s soul playlists for that matter. That CANNOT happen!

Lovely Enid also needs to be as snug as a bug without a heater (well, we might get one later once the bank balance recovers) so Ed applied foil-backed insulation on the roof and over the noise cancelling material around the sides including the driver, passenger and rear tailgate.

Ed then measured the gaps in between the ridges and grooves on the flooring before cutting out and sticking down 9mm plywood to even out the floor and give a flat area other than the metal to attach the floor to. Waste not want not, Ed then used up the remaining insulation to make it extra snug.

After recovering from all of that and making good of our driveway (it turned into a car repair workshop), Ed began the first trial of the carpet fitting. He fitted grey carpet on the driver ceiling as it had greasy RAC prints over it. If I say so myself, it now looks absolutely fabulous!

And remember when Ed drove hundreds of miles to pick up a passenger seat? Well, we now have a matching seat (all the way from Poland!), both of which have replaced the single driver and double passenger seats.

The pièce de résistance? A number 13 orange snooker ball for a gear knob. Enid 1.0 had one, so it only seems right. It might be unlucky for some, but hopefully not us 😊

Come back soon to read our next update. Things are going to heat up…!

Sound deadening

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