It’s wheely happening!

We are finally at the end of a January that has felt like 357 consecutive Mondays. Work has been a slog and it’s been cold and dark for what seems like FOREVER. But there’s brightness ahead. No, not the glorious sunshine we all crave for but a bright orange van.

After paying a deposit at The Van Yard and waiting for various bits and bobs to be completed before getting the keys, our new van – affectionately known as Enid – is now sitting on our drive (and probably giving the neighbours a bit of a shock). Sh!t just got real…

If you want to know about Enid’s past life, check out our About Us page but, basically, Enid is an ex-RAC T5 on the journey to a better life. Ed is going to convert her into a campervan while I (Clare) will keep anyone that cares updated via this blog.

Upcycling a van is not going to be easy. Ed has no prior experience but he makes up for it with bags of enthusiasm. He has already given himself some lessons in electrics (you should see his diagrams) as well as bought a consumer unit, sockets, wires and whatever else that has been delivered by our beloved postie Alan.

So while Ed is living and breathing van, my other job is to ensure he knows when to stop because anyone that knows him will understand that stopping is not his forte. After picking up the van this afternoon, for example, he drove a further 200 miles down south (albeit with a massive grin on his face) to pick up a seat. He probably would have driven 500 more. Keen bean. His dream of becoming a van man is finally a reality.

Now the makeover begins. Lucky for us, the van dealer kindly fitted the 20-inch alloy wheels we bought. In the words of Generation Z, they are SICK!

Now they are on and looking fabulous, there is the not-so-fun job of ripping out the steel shelving that comes with RAC vans. Then it’s the tough stuff – the electrics. I’ll let you know if Ed’s been doing his homework 🙂

Until next time.

That grin…

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