Goodbye RAC, hello campervan!

It’s the end of RAC as we know it. Our orange van – Enid – is no longer the rescuer of broken-down vehicles on roads across Britain. She has bloomed into a bright and beautiful campervan.

OK, so she hasn’t fully bloomed just yet, but WE CAN SEE THE FINISH LINE. We are on the final leg and it’s so blimmin’ exciting! In the last four weeks, Ed has done an incredible amount of work.

We now have bubble gum stripe vinyl flooring (which looks ACE!) that has been stuck down with high temperature adhesive followed by a black plastic cover fitted to the rear tailgate threshold.

Ed has also spent many hours (and days) in our spare room van workshop constructing the EVO Design 4.2 kitchen units – consisting of a lower unit, higher storage unit, overhead locker and LED light shelf – which arrived like an IKEA flatpack on steroids. These were then fitted in the van to allow for the sink and hob to be added. (I can smell the bacon sarnies just thinking about it)

Next up was the second fix electrics. Ed wired up the switch panel to enable us to operate the lights in one place plus installed a switch on the driver’s side so the stereo can be used when the ignition is off. This means one thing – nights under the stars can be accompanied by Marvin Gaye…or, with a little bit of luck, MC Neat 😉

And, if you read our last blog post, the sleeping arrangements in Enid weren’t ideal but now we have had a rock and roll bed fitted (courtesy of JDS Metaltech). It means we have a back seat that turns into a bed, and it matches the driver and passenger seats no less. Knowing I need to contribute to the campervan conversion, I did my bit and purchased a couple of cushions. Hard work that!

Finally, Ed kindly stuck a mirror on my sun visor so I can obviously check my face! (Note: this has since fallen and landed on the screen of Ed’s laptop – scratching it in the process)

So, as you can tell, it’s been a bumper month. There is now stuff inside so it’s no longer an empty shell of a van. It’s more substantial. The best news? Ed is pretty damn pleased with it too. He did all the stuff you don’t necessarily see (like the hook-up) and has now also done work that people can see and therefore appreciate. Oh and, since writing this post, we have black curtains too so, when it’s time to say goodnight, Enid will just be ours to appreciate.

Be back soon with another update!

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