Breaking Enid’s virginity

Getting up at 4.30am sucks. But it sucks less when it’s for holiday…even less when it’s for our first overseas trip in Enid. Rotterdam no less!

For many years, it has been Ed’s dream to go to the North Sea Jazz Festival. Well, it’s finally happened, as we travelled in Enid to Rotterdam where this renowned festival is held.

Our campervan – minus a few tweaks – is now complete and what a place to break Enid’s virginity! Ed drove us to a campsite just outside of Rotterdam called Recreatiepark de Oude Maas, taking us across England and into France (via le shuttle), Belgium and then finally the Netherlands.

We arrived in the early evening and parked up at a beautiful spot facing the river Oude Maas. The views were beautiful. We cracked open a couple of beers and sat in our camp chairs to take it all in. Oh, and we sneaked in a quick game of scatch (which Ed won, dammit) before the sun went down.

Sleeping in Enid was pleasantly comfortable, warm and quiet. In fact, we woke up after 9am which was pretty good going. After a lazy morning – making a cuppa and cooking up a bacon and sausage sarnie combo – it was time to explore Rotterdam. And there was no better way to explore than on two bikes (although I’d have enjoyed it more if my bike had tassles 😉). The cycle network in the Netherlands is bloody amazing. Cyclists essentially have their own roads – even roundabouts!

We spent a few hours sightseeing which included a trip to the market (vegan coconut balls anyone?!), a wander around the park and, of course, ice cream and beer. We found a really cool street called Witte de Withstraat which we’d recommend to anyone visiting Rotterdam.

We then cycled back to Enid, discovering I could cycle with no hands for quite a while…before falling off my bike. I had cut my hands, shoulder and knee as well as seriously hurt my pride.

The following day was the festival – although we snuck in a quick game of scatch which sadly did not end well after some aggressive ball throwing from Ed! We cycled to the festival (with hands mainly on bars) through very green suburbs and parks with a few streams thrown in. It was the perfect way to travel. Once inside the venue, we headed to the main stage where an ‘afrobeat pop’ band called Jungle by Night were performing. They were a lot of fun, so dancing/shuffling was in order.

Other performers we saw included Broken Brass Ensemble, Poppy Ajudha, Ady Suleiman (hailing from Nottingham like Ed!) and Young Gun Silver Fox.

We arrived back at camp at a fairly respectable time of around 11pm. It was our last night in Enid before heading home. Thankfully, we didn’t need to leave super early so we spent the morning with a cuppa and biscuits in bed – with tailgate open so we could look out onto the Oude Maas.

Our trip to Rotterdam was a success. Travelling and sleeping in Enid has been brilliant, turning our holiday into an adventure. We’ve already put a date in the diary for our next mini trip. It’ll be much closer to home and our pooch Luna will be with us. Maybe we’ll even try a bit of wild camping – an experience that will be breaking virginity territory for all of us…