The camping bug

Oh dear, we’ve got the bug. No, not the common illness that has hideous consequences at both ends. We’ve got the camping bug! We just can’t get enough of Enid.

When Ed said he would be glad when he didn’t have to spend any more time doing up Enid, he definitely didn’t mean he would be glad when he didn’t have to spend time with her.

At every opportunity, he has been travelling in Enid to see family and friends, and even using her for trips to work. And then, of course, there have been our little holiday trips – with Rotterdam being the trip that broke Enid’s virginity. When we were there, we said we would go away once a month. We even put upcoming dates in the diary…. now that’s organisation!

So, for August, our trip was in Mablethorpe. It wouldn’t ordinarily be our first choice for a holiday destination, but we found a really nice pub with a thatched roof – The King’s Head – near the seaside which we were able to park (and camp) in for free. It was in the sticks and even had a hook-up.

But before we could even ‘check out’, we already decided to do it all over again the following weekend – but in a different location. So, the following Saturday, we drove down to Turweston which isn’t too far from Silverstone to camp (again, for free) at The Stratton Arms. We pretty much had a field to ourselves, meaning Luna could have the run of the place.

What we also had was a brand spanking new awning which gave us a lot more space. Fortunately for us, this came at the perfect time as it sheltered us from the very gusty winds!

Both of these pubs are random finds but that’s the beauty of it all. We are discovering new places in Britain and meeting people (including fellow campers!) with all sorts of backgrounds and stories.

We’d love to say that we are travelling again next weekend, but we are not. Well, Enid is – but she’s being taken for a spin by Ed’s mate. And then we’re on the countdown to THE trip we have been waiting for… ITALY! We have been conjuring up all sorts of plans for our drive that will take us across Europe. We will get to tick off some stunning places which we’ll no doubt share here and on Instagram.


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